[ The Temazcal, our Mayan steam/vapor pyramid, is located near the dining casita and is available by reservation. The jacuzzi is available each evening upon request.]

  Imagine lying on the massage table while you are waiting for your masseuse to arrive, all the while being caressed by the late afternoon breeze as you catch a glimpse of the magenta orchids that hang from the tall trees and listen to the soothing sounds of the waterfall within your gaze. You deserve to be treated to a luxurious massage, laced with ancient secrets.

While at La Selva Mariposa, we are hoping that you will consider scheduling one of the many therapeutic spa treatments that our team of massage specialists are offering our guests. One of the ladies will come to LSM to perform any of the following spa treatments in our new jungle spa. You will need to make a reservation in advance, and prepay before your appointment for the treatments you desire.

Swedish Massage:  50 min. $75 US/ 80 min. $100 US
Deep Tissue Massage:  50 min. $85 US/ 80 min. $110 US
Holistic Massage:  50 min. $75 US/ 80 min. $100 US
Mayan Clay Massage:  80 min. $110 US
Sobada Maya:  50 min. $75 US


  • Swedish Massage: This classic European massage with oil releases stress and muscular tension, accelerating the healing process of acute and chronic conditions. Pressure in the affected areas activates the natural healing of the body, relaxes the nervous system, aids circulation and helps with detoxification.

  • Deep Tissue Massage: This massage therapy focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Deep Tissue Massage is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas, such as stiff necks, sore shoulders and tight back. It is a perfect treatment to release stress and anxiety.

  • Holistic Massage: This massage integrates the being as a whole by aligning and balancing the mind, body and spirit by relaxing the muscles, un-blocking emotions and channeling universal healing energy. This treatment is intended to create harmony and wholeness by restoring the inner and outer balance. May include Reiki.

  • Mayan Clay Massage: Therapeutic local Mayan Clay, made by our neighbor Maria, is applied to the body using the Swedish massage technique, which allows the impurities of the body to release. The body is able to absorb minerals from the clay such as sodium, phosphorus and calcium. The clay detoxifies, stimulates skin functions, tones skin tissue, exfoliates, refreshes, regenerates, restores PH balance and improves blood and lymphatic flow while leaving your skin shiny and smooth.  

  • Sobada Maya: This special Mayan massage focuses on the navel area to realign the internal and abdominal organs that have a deep effect on the digestive system, and release blocked emotions which usually get stuck in this area. It consists of a deep-belly, feet, hands, shoulder, neck and head massage that will lead you toward a deep state of well being.

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