No matter where you are coming from or by whatever mode of transportation, once you book with us, we will provide exacting directions to La Selva Mariposa. We're actually quite easy to find! Also, ask about the "Seamless Vacation" when you contact us, where we can make your arrival in Mexico a hassle-free experience.


The distance from Cancun to La Selva Mariposa is about 80 miles (140 km) and will take about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. From Tulum, the distance is about 12 miles. The roads are safe and high quality. Watch for TOPE(S), speed bumps on the road, and go slowly over them. For printable maps of the area, go to this site and click on "Tulum" and "Riviera Maya". 

Take Highway #307 from the Cancun airport towards TULUM. After you pass the signs for the Tulum ruins, look for the San Francisco Super Market on the right. This stoplight is the Cobą Road. Turn right and drive 20 km or 12 miles to the first pueblo (town) called Macario Gomez. There are no signs on the Cobą Road that say "La Selva Mariposa".

When you enter the town of Macario Gomez at the km 20 roadmarker, you will soon come to a tope/speed bump next to a little beer store. There is a big beer sign that says "SIX" in front of the store.

Turn right and drive alongside of the SIX store for 100 yards down a semi-paved, tree-lined road. Go to the right at the fork in the road to La Selva Mariposa's property, which has a stone wall surrounding it. DO NOT TURN RIGHT ON THE UNIMPROVED DIRT ROAD, or go straight through the gate of our neighbor’s property… Go through our stone gates with our colorful sign hanging above, drive slowly, and follow the signs & reflectors in the road.

Go straight ahead down our one lane yellow sand road (well lit at night) which takes you directly into the heart of our property and the covered parking area. Be prepared to be greeted by at least one of our friendly dogs. 

Have a safe Journey.
Your Hosts, Mari and Louis


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