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There are many interesting sites to visit that are less than an hour’s drive from La Selva Mariposa, as well as a few a little farther. We provide a notebook in each suite that you can take with you in your car that includes specific directions and other helpful information on our favorite “backdoor tours.” CLICK HERE to read the Yucatan travel articles your host Mari has written for sac-be.com. Some of our favorite sites are listed below:

Cobą Ruins and cenotes
Ek' Balam ruins and cenote
the Colonial city of Valladolid
Tulum ruins and the beach clubs of Tulum
Yal Ku Lagoon in Akumal
Muyil ruins and Sian Ka'an BioReserve

Multun Dzinup Yax Mul Ek' Balam Sac Actun

These are just a few of the amazing fresh-water cenotes in the Yucatan. There are many within a few miles of LSM. Some are underground, 
some above ground. Most are available for swimming, snorkeling and/or diving. The variations in each one can be simply breathtaking. Since
there are few rivers and lakes in the Yucatan, cenotes were the source of fresh water for the Mayans.

Nohuch Mul Ball Court Cobą Sac-Be carved stella Astronomer's House

The Mayan ruins at Cobą, only a few miles from LSM, are known for their huge structures and the carved stella. The Nohuch Mul pyramid
is one of the few that still allow visitors to climb it's 120 steps to the top. Cobą was a major Mayan city and the ruins are extensive, connected
by the crushed white limestone roads or 'Sac-Be'. Renting a bike or a guided 3-wheel bike is a good idea!

The Acropolis Carved Angels the famous "Mouth" aerial view Pacal carving

The Mayan ruins at Ek' Balam have only recently been open to visitors. Those who skip the famed, but overcrowded Chichen Itza, will be
rewarded with some of the most exquisite carvings and sculptures in the Mayan world. Almost nothing compares to it. Small but powerful!

from the air Tulum citadel interior courtyards citadel again Tulum beach

The seaside ruins at Tulum were one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Mayans.  The beautiful setting make these ruins unique.
They are compact but very popular with tourists, perched 40 feet above the crystal blue sea. Tulum was the port for the city of Cobą.
Modern Tulum is only a few miles from LSM and has many good restaurants, beach clubs and shops.

thru the mangroves small Mayan ruin reef from the air a view over the inlets was that a manatee?

The Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, located just south of Tulum, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The enormous biodiversity make this area 
extremely important. The reserve encompasses both land and sea (offshore coral reefs) as well as over 23 Mayan sites, such as Muyil. Eco-tours
are readily available for hearty, adventerous souls in this mostly undeveloped area.

Monkey Sanctuary Celustun Biosphere ziplining above a cenote Yal Ku Lagoon (snorkel) Xel-Ha Water Park

There are so many things to see and do in our area! The incredible wildlife at sanctuaries & reserves, outdoor pursuits, water sports & amazing
water parks, the beaches, and of course, the history and culture of the Mayan people that will surround you.

colorful Cobą Rd shop Valladolid church native fiesta in Tulum local market the best hammocks!

The Yucatan is a colorful unspoiled place, still filled with the descendants of the Mayan people. Local markets, small villages, fiestas, and 
native crafts are in abundance. The local food is unique in all of Mexico... try the Poc Chuc (BBQ pork) or the Sopa de Lima (turkey, lime & tortilla).
The Yucatan is also considered the safest state in Mexico. While most people can speak Spanish, many speak Yucatec Mayan as their 1st language.

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